Знаменитые бренды отказались стать спонсорами вечеринки Линдси Лохан

Lindsay who? Only ten years have passed since that time as well-known brands wanted to see in the ranks representing their celebrity Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan. Now it’s the opposite.

In 2006 Life & Style Weekly sponsored party on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the artist, but this time, when the Manager of the actress insisted to pay for the party the next jubilee, the celebration of which was held on the Greek island of Mykonos, they were categorically denied.
“Team Lindsay has repeatedly appealed to the sponsors, but no one wanted to get involved. She has done a lot to change their image lately, but no this is not interested,” — said the insider.
I had a Russian fiance Lohan to pay for the party with his beloved. He is now a permanent sponsor who just lost everything Lindsay. Recall that with the light hand of Oprah Winfrey, the actress starred in the reality show, which was supposed to show that she’s changed, and stay in new York ” went in her favor. However and here has not done without scandals and after the first season of the show Zakros – Oprah refused to cooperate further with the celebrity.
Lindsay moved to London, where he made his debut on the stage, and found personal happiness in the face of a businessman Yegor Tarabarova. Maybe even in love you’re lucky.

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