Брак Натали Портман трещит по швам

Disturbing reports reach us about family relationships Hollywood actress Natalie Portman ‘s husband Benjamin Millepied< /strong>. Insiders claim that man is experiencing due to lost work, because now, Natalie became the breadwinner for the family, and a normal man is? Recently, the actress goes out without a wedding ring, which had never parted, and that her fans see a bad sign.

Insiders confirm the fears of fans of the actress and say that today seemingly exemplary family is on the verge of divorce.
According to the publication Business Standard, referring to the words of my friend Natalie, Benjamin feels untenable to the next wife, and this inferiority complex leads to constant quarrels.
Recall that he met Portman and Millepied while working on the film “Black Swan”. The choreographer then was considered a rising star of the ballet in 2015, even he took the position of Director of the Paris Opera Ballet. Everything ended in one moment. Following his retirement from the prestigious post, the man does not feel happy in his Paris home with his beloved woman and son Aleph. Benjamin felt his ego hurt when he heard that his eyes are called “Mr. Portman” and refused to follow his wife to the UK for the shooting of the film “Annihilation”. I hope that the man would take himself in hand and won’t pay attention to evil tongues, and there relationship with his wife will recover.

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