Летний тренд: разноцветные картины на волосах

Now you can wear your hair works of art!

Trends from social networks are gaining popularity instantly. Is one of the trendsetters to come up with cool, unusual make-up or manicure, a trend picked up by hundreds of users of Instagram.

Recently we admired the fancy nail trend: professional manicure on nails creating tiny copies of paintings by famous artists! So, on every nogti may take about an hour, and how many paints you need!

Hair specialists decided to keep this season invited the audience to paint on the hair.

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Beauty trend has already managed to get its name hair stenciling “stencil hair”, which in Instagram, you can track dozens of photos. Chip technology – the drawings on the hair, which are made using cans or paint through the stencils. Even being a professional in the hair difficult to create a smooth and beautiful picture without the stencil.

Flowers, stars, hearts, geometric shapes, landscapes – everything that can let your imagination! We do not recommend using paint for this image, and to stock up on colored sprays for hair, which will wash off in 2-3 times.

Do you like this hair color?

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