Фанатки в шоке: Дима Билан исхудал и сбрил бороду

Fans from Rostov-on-don sounding the alarm: is their idol sick?

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Dima Bilan always admired by fans not only a pleasant voice and a greatest hits, but a sporty physique. Yes, Jock, the singer was not perfect, but he was in shape and muscular arms, and a six-pack. But before the concert in Rostov-on-don meet the artist groupies gasped Dima was terribly thin, his cheeks were fallen! All was in order with his health?

As told Woman’s Day head of the Rostov fan club, Dima is very tired. During the tour the singer could sleep only three hours a night, diet is also far from ideal – sometimes you can eat only after midnight. The days of Bilan is moving, rehearsals, press conferences, concerts… Gain strength just once! And the fans said that without a beard Bilan younger by ten years. By the way, this topic is to discuss not only the Rostov fans of the stars. In social networks there were photos of the singer with the hashtag #Билануснова20. Fans even compare Dima with a young johnny Depp. The actor changes in appearance and experiences of readers never comment – too busy with work and maybe thinks that he really is. Well, 17 Jun Dima Bilan will give a concert in the city of Essentuki, and he will have a month before the next statement to rest.

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Great show happened yesterday at @muztv! Bravo to the leadership of @arman_dav for this pleasure!!! Vasily Barkhatov – thank you for this time we spoke more the language of the soul not only the body, as it happened in my complex acrobatic, stage sketches always!)) and thank you, #midorigaoka #moitoza #fans #fans – I appreciate You PTS !!! #nemoli

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