Bieber is retiring from showbiz to treat the nerves

Бибер уходит из шоубиза, чтобы подлечить нервы

Apparently, the singer did not stand the test of fame.

The last time 22-year-old singer because of the emotion and incontinence constantly gets into trouble! Recently, the American Robert Morgan learned of the singer and without permission took it to the camera of your smartphone. Justin immediately grabbed the man gadget and with all his strength threw it on the floor. Smartphone crashed.

During the General merriment, the singer accidentally or as a joke extinguished the cigarette in hand 22-year-old rapper Austin Post, for which he was pinned to the wall by the throat. Got into a fight with Orlando bloom, attacked the victims in the accident, and even threw a nearby house with eggs.

In addition, Justin Bieber constantly finds ways to draw attention to himself. As soon as the followers lose interest in the singer, he immediately puts the “naked” photos in “Instagram”.

But this time Bieber decided to seriously scare the public. Insiders told the Western portal, the singer decided to leave the scene.

“In the last few weeks Justin felt a tremendous psychological pressure. Justin still likes to write songs and perform them for the fans, but this concert tour was psychologically very difficult. He already stopped to meet with fans and take pictures with them, but still feels pressure,” said the source.

According to close to Bieber, the singer wants to see the world and treat the nerves. All anything, but a few months ago Justin already addressed in his farewell speech to start up admirers. Another PR stunt or the singer really tired of life star?

Bieber has not yet commented on the information, but millions of fans around the world hope that the singer once again just draws attention to itself.

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