Дмитрий Песков подкоротил усы и помолодел

The press Secretary took part in the race economic forum and noted that an active lifestyle improves efficiency.

August 1, last year what everyone was whispering and wondering ceased to be a secret: Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Navka was married to press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Gorgeous wedding, beautiful dresses, luxurious restaurant in Sochi “Heaven” on the roof of the hotel Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA. After the solemn event, the pair stopped to hide their relationship and together appears on the social events.

It is worth noting that marrying olimpiskas champion, Mr flourished: the public the press Secretary said that he was very younger. Sands, which all used to seeing on the meetings on TV, leads a healthy lifestyle and pursues an active weekend with your family.

Today the race of the St. Petersburg economic forum Sands looked great: the man shortened mustache and looked very fresh.

“When spending power, do fitness, you are not overpowering. On the contrary, you are being charged with energy, it helps to work and think better with his head,” shared his attitude to a healthy lifestyle Sands with the First channel.

By the way, once press Secretary shaved off his moustache on a bet with my daughter! We once thought that moustaches and Dmitry Peskov has long been in our view are inseparable from each other. But when his daughter Lisa graduated from school, strict father noticed her daughter that she is not very hard preparing for final exams. Lisa said that already knows everything. And offered the father of a dispute, they say, if you pass the exam well, you will shave your moustache. This year Elizabeth has pleased parents.

“The moustache wasn’t easy, but I’m happy for the daughter”, – said Dmitry Peskov.

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