Most sporting grandmother in the world was 80 years old

Самой спортивной бабушке в мире исполнилось 80 лет

For the first time in the gym woman came in only 56 years!

Ernestine shepherd from Baltimore (USA) – one of the oldest female bodybuilders. Audiences worldwide follows the life and impressive pictures of a woman who recently turned 80 years old.

50, maybe 60. A maximum of 70 years are the followers Ernestina. The woman runs marathons and speaks at events so that she would envy any 20-year-old girl.

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Shepard shares with fans on social networks of their system of motivations and lifestyle. Young woman was sedentary person and not involved in sports. But 56 years along with her sister Ernestine first began to do aerobics, and in 2010, Shepard was in the Guinness Book of records as the oldest female bodybuilder.

Day 80-year-old girl starts at 3 am with meditation, then a jog, then a woman goes to personal training. Caring husband prepares the Ernestine rice, chicken breast, walnuts, cereal, and eggs, and plenty of water.

80-year-old Shepard encourages all people in the world: to take for ourselves, we can at any age.

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