Покончившая с собой звезда «ДОМа-2» не раз шутила о смерти Ex-participant of the TV project out of the window of the 19th floor. According to friends Anastasiya Tarasyuk, she never once thought about death, could joke on the subject. Karina Krasavina, who knew the girl, revealed details about the last months of her life.
Покончившая с собой звезда «ДОМа-2» не раз шутила о смерти

24-year-old Anastasiya Tarasyuk committed suicide on June 22. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” out of the window of the 19th floor. This incident surprised all her friends — but recently she moved to this apartment. After her death it became clear new details: Cindy was pregnant from a man who provide for her. Friend Tarasyuk Karina Krasavina also visited telestroke, said that she thought a lot about death.

“I joked that I would not like to live to decrepit old age. “When I die, I want everything about me said that my death was not useless.” We believed that these are temporary surges of mood. Actually, she was very insecure and vulnerable people. All knew her as a cheerful girl. And when we talked heart to heart, alone, I knew she was so lonely. She was shocked by this world was. Complained that everyone around hypocritical”, says Krasavina.

Tarasyuk was born in near Moscow Shatura. The girl grew up without a father. “Mom it was not interested. My mother had the man and daughter she was not paying attention. Nastya told me that in the Town they lived very poorly. She was raised by her grandmother. And mom… Mom didn’t even know that her daughter went to Moscow on “the House-2″. Any relationship they have then it wasn’t. I don’t understand,” Karina shared.

She dreamed of a beautiful life, and her choice is almost able to make it happen. The man is little known: he was married, but has helped her finances.

“Yes, She was his mistress, and he wasn’t going to marry her. But after all, she was truly loved. Nastya did not work. This man was paying her rent in a luxury house, gave me money for clothes and current expenditure, carried to rest abroad. Shortly before his death, she flew with him to Thailand. Said that soon they are going to Bali,” — said Karina.

Male Tarasyuk even paid for her funeral. The girl’s grave located at the cemetery Troekurov, although the family of the deceased lives in the Snow. “I think he loved her very much. From the city to the funeral came grandmother Nasti. At the cemetery she became ill. Caused doctors. Barely pumped,” added Krasavina in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.