Леонид Агутин о «Голосе»: «Больше туда не пойду» Musician for five years worked with young performers. However, Leonid Agutin believes that the show can annoy the audience. However, the mentor does not refuse to participate if he is invited in a TV show.
Леонид Агутин о «Голосе»: «Больше туда не пойду»

Five seasons Leonid Agutin chose the best voice of the country, giving a chance to those who wanted to break into the big stage. “The voice” was truly a landmark event in the biography of the singer, who today celebrates the anniversary. However, the artist is not illusions and openly admits — one show can annoy the audience.

At such moments, according to Agutin, he is seriously considering leaving the famous red chair of coach, but every time remains.

“Once bored the audience and us. Sometimes after the program to think that is enough to torture people, the more I will not go there. But then, when the television you call and offer to participate in the project, becomes so pleased that you need, that is still consent. And when you come to the Studio, then you know that he missed you, again, want to make room, to come up with new versions of songs. I think using screen is that of ourselves it is fascinating. So until now, “the Voice” has such a great rating,” — said Leonid.
Леонид Агутин о «Голосе»: «Больше туда не пойду»

Agutin admitted that it is through participation in the “Voice” he had the idea to help young artists and outside of the project — he opened his production centre. However, while the musician thinks of how his idea will be successful, taking for this purpose it is necessary to wait a few years.

“In the second season my buddy said I should look into producing, because I’ve got to be a “mentor”. And then I became a producer, but I was convinced that I definitely need my own Studio. And that’s when this year we found the room and opened a Studio, everything began to turn: they began to come to interesting people to audition. Several chose started to work, we have a total of seven projects. I gave myself a couple of years on the development to understand, it turns out or not,” admitted Simon.

Леонид Агутин о «Голосе»: «Больше туда не пойду»

Leonid said in an interview with “Izvestia” that in music it is important to monitor not only the quality, but also to understand the needs of the audience. In his opinion, in pop music at his peak to become a significant actor, but a legend can only be called a rock singer.

“It is now not appearing in such cult figures as in the 1980s. due to the fact that no social contract, no mods. Another time, there’s no atmosphere of the Leningrad rock club. Therefore, not born. Legends are those who have been before, they are so powerful and meaningful, and the new rock-stars of this level do not arise. But there is a social order for the rap. The younger generation wants alternative stage music,” says singer.