Ksenia Strizh took the child from the orphanage

Ксения Стриж взяла ребенка из детского дома Radio host long wanted to be a mom. Several times Xenia Strizh went to the orphanage and talked with the guys there. The other day she took to her boy Nikita permanently. His mother and father deprived of their parental rights.
Ксения Стриж взяла ребенка из детского дома

51-year-old Ksenia Strizh was waiting for the right time to become a mother. Now the woman is happy in marriage with her husband Andrew, who is younger than her 17 years. Despite the age difference, the husband loves Xenia and support throughout. To become a full family, the couple took the child from the orphanage. Previously, swift has repeatedly visited the shelters and talked with the guys who live there. In the “Oh, mother!” the presenter confessed that forever took to himself a 15-year-old Nikita.

“The day before yesterday, I brought Nikita from Chelyabinsk. He is 15 years old in two days. I have already visited during the winter holidays. He has parents, but they are deprived of parental rights. It seemed to me that I can give people a good busy life. He wants to go to circus school. I now wish number one, so he did and I believe he will come,” — said Ksenia.
Ксения Стриж взяла ребенка из детского дома

Ksenia Strizh was married three times, and an affair with the leader of group “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich is still remembered in the programs with her. “Apparently, our couple was very bright. I had a peak of popularity, Andryusha too. And don’t even know who has more. At that time we had a big age difference — 13 years,” said swift. She lived in a country house musician and in no way needed. However, Makarevich and did not Xenia offer, although they dated for four years.

Many detractors believed that the swift just can’t have children, because many years ago she lost the baby. The woman had an affair with actor Alexey Zelenov. However, due to the unpleasant incident, Xenia had a miscarriage. Ksenia Strizh secret that lost a child

The current spouse of Xenia Andrew does not believe that she can’t give birth. “We think about it. That decided to give birth to her, nobody speaks. Not dwelling on that need. In addition to adoptions, we have many plans,” — said Surikov.

Swift itself recognized that a long time was not ready for children. “In that sense I’m a conservative, I am for family. I do not understand what it means to “give birth to themselves.” The child is not a fish some and not a puppy. I have low defect motherhood, I wish was not called for” — quoted by swift mir24.tv.