Ванесса Паради пошла под венец с вдовцом, написавшим книгу о гибели первой жены The actress showed miracles of ingenuity, to save the wedding, written and directed by Samuel, Benchetrit secret. Brought to the attention of the press, will be married July 19 in Paris. In fact, the celebration took place on June 30 in the small village of San Simeon, so small that city hall shares a building with the school and on the weekends wanting to marry in the auditorium.
Ванесса Паради пошла под венец с вдовцом, написавшим книгу о гибели первой жены

Vanessa begged officials to break the law on which the application for marriage must be published in the official Gazette. Helped the credibility of her late father – a long-term resident of San Simeon and the owner of the village restaurant. One reason for the secrecy has become difficult for both newlyweds to the bonds of marriage. Vanessa lived with johnny Depp for 14 years, constantly answering the question why the father of her children doesn’t want to marry her. The actress said that despises any officialdom in matters of the heart, and now she’s embarrassed to admit that she was not completely honest. Unlike 45-year-old bride, Samuel to the same age managed to get in a marriage that ended with one of the most terrible tragedies of the French show business.

To death together

At the beginning of career in the movie Samuel fell in love with Marie Trintignant – the heir to the glorious acting dynasty. Over his 11 years, Marie has always rushed in a sense, both in the pool, so I raised three sons from different men.

“When she answered me back, I was happy as a child who has been given the candy store,” recalled Benchetrit.

Sweet idyll has led to the birth of his son Jules. However, after a few years of marriage Marie was overtaken by a new passion – the leader of the rock group Noir Desir Bertrand Kant combines the brutality of a bully with the charm of a Teddy bear and a strong poetic gift. The talent has always been for Marie sexy magnet: forgetting everything, she went to her lover, who left for her spouse with two children. At the end of July 2003 Kant called Samuel from Vilnius, where he filmed the actress. The musician admitted that broke Marie. As it turned out, that too aggressively responded to the desire of the beloved to interact with children.

“Bertrand could not Wake Marie, said Samuel. – I didn’t understand why he was calling me, didn’t want to know about their relationship. Heard Bertrand bother my wife asks to take the phone. It is only as something strange sighed. It was so unbearable that I did not go into details”.

But it should be. Not receive timely assistance, 41-year-old Marie Trintignant is in a coma and died from a brain hemorrhage four days later. Bertrand was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter, he was released early, after serving half the term. By the time Samuel and his girlfriend Anna Mouglalis became the parents of girls, but the pain from the loss of Marie, which he called the love of his life, prevented his happiness. Benchetrit decided to get rid of worries, spout them in the book “Night with my wife,” published in 2016.

Ванесса Паради пошла под венец с вдовцом, написавшим книгу о гибели первой жены
Ванесса Паради пошла под венец с вдовцом, написавшим книгу о гибели первой жены

Out of the shadows

The same year saw the meeting of Samuel with Paradis. The actress arrived in Belgium to work on the film “the Dog”, which the Director filmed on his own novel. By the way, Benshetrit was again alone – writing books about Marie was the last straw for Anna. And Vanessa just came to myself after breaking up with singer Benjamin Bole. Problems like restless shadows of ex-lovers brought together the actress with the Director.

“Samuel is a true artist with soul, full of humanity and tenderness, – the star spoke. – He knows how to listen. Knows how to find the right words of wisdom. Like all creative people, Samuel is constantly suspended between passion and suffering.”

The magazines published photos of the pair on walks around Paris, but as comments received at best a joke.

“I would like to become his Muse laughed Paradis. – But in such exalted ways we are already too old”.

In October last year revealed that lovers long ago are one family. Samuel spent the summer with Vanessa, helping to care for her dying father. At the premiere of “Dogs” held a few days after the funeral, Paradis did not find the strength to pose on the red carpet alone, and was forced publicly to rely on your man. And in March, when the film has come to the rental, the actress daughter Lily-rose Depp out of sympathy for future stepfather urged followers on social networks to go on the show. By the way, her brother Jack without malice almost disrupted the wedding of the mother. For three days he became ill on the plane on the way from Los Angeles to Paris. Vanessa was ready to cancel everything to sit by her son’s bed. Fortunately, it turned out that Jack squinted gastroenteritis, which poses no threat to his young life.

Ванесса Паради пошла под венец с вдовцом, написавшим книгу о гибели первой жены