Стилист Даны Борисовой обвинил ее во лжи и подлости Ray Samedov believes that the famous TV host slandered him all over the country. A former employee of the star claims that he was made a “scapegoat.” According to the man, he helped Dana Borisova, and she answered him with ingratitude.
Стилист Даны Борисовой обвинил ее во лжи и подлости

Before Dana Borisova became the heroine of the program “Let them talk”, in which he told about his stay in a rehabilitation centre in Thailand. Specially for the filming of leading the transfer came a day in Moscow. The woman said that the PR Manager Tim Brick, who passed away last year, for the first time gave her to try drugs. According to This, in the future prohibited substances to provide for her stylist ray Samedov.

Dana Borisova refuses to communicate with mother

However, the man himself disagrees with claims of famous blondes. Samedov recorded a video called “the Truth about Dana Borisova”, in which he shared his version of events. As suggested by the stylist, television personality made him a “scapegoat.” According to ray, she could not admit that hooked on banned substances because of his own weakness.

“We haven’t seen Dana more than a month. What I heard brought me into a state of shock. Dana, do not hesitate, slandered me all over the country, saying that I was bringing her drugs. Don’t know her either not recovered, or it may have overheated in the sun. This person accused me of something I didn’t commit. Maybe she infringed feminine vanity, I don’t know that it worked. She has for many years been in this state. (…) She is ready to shift the blame to anyone but themselves”, – said Samedov.
Стилист Даны Борисовой обвинил ее во лжи и подлости

The stylist, outraged by the behavior of Dana Borisova, which, according to him, is able to “lie, looking in the face.” The man believes that in the treatment of presenter there was no significant progress.

Samedov also said that he repeatedly wrote with threats. The attackers claimed to have intimate video of the presenter, and demanded money for the outright record.

Стилист Даны Борисовой обвинил ее во лжи и подлости“I just went to deal with the people who blackmailed Dana these obscene videos. (…) I don’t understand what her heroism. She with a smile told me that in Thailand, laid out the “track”…” grumbled the man.
Стилист Даны Борисовой обвинил ее во лжи и подлости

According to a former employee of the star, he being the father of two children, the first insisted that she allowed the former civil husband to see his daughter.

“I made Dana so she called the Maxim that they met and began to communicate. I just explained to Dan that in the position in which it is located, how it behaves, its behavior and lifestyle, she in no way can participate in the education of children. It is completely degraded in all respects. I don’t understand why everyone is feeling sorry for her. Man handsome, educated, media, and sink through the floor. Don’t you think that drugs – the choice of each individual? (…) There will always be someone else to whom you can shift the responsibility… When I first met you, you were at the bottom,” shared the stylist.

According to Samadov, Borisova sent him a “seductive videos”, but he crossed the line in their relationship. “I have a wife, children. We remained friends…” – said the man.

In his video, the stylist said that she tried to contact Dana Borisova, but she was unavailable.

“I called her after the program and she lost. I wrote her short message: “How on earth are you?” And everything, she blocked me. This is the most low and despicable person I have ever seen in my life. Time itself will put everything in its place. And all I can say is,” said Samedov.