Бред Питт не желает возвращаться к Анджелине Джоли

Hollywood actor Brad pitt no illusions about marriage with Angelina Jolie, and offers hope to their children, who dream about their reunion. For a celebrity of his six children – “this is the most important thing in life,” and he’s not going to lie to them and give false hope.

According to insiders, Brad “kind but honest” gave them to understand that the old life they never had, and they with their mother will never be together.
According to the publication Hollywoodlife, 53-year-old actor now feels much more confident and much better than six months ago, when his future was blurred, and questions of its aggression against children the FBI was in with a light feeding of his wife.
Recall that this was the main reason why Angie filed for divorce in September of last year. And yet, the actress has accused her husband of alcohol abuse, and many doubted it until six months later, Brad himself admitted that had such a problem. He told that he is to blame for the collapse of his family, and that he did not understand how deep his problem. Now it will be better to be an example for his family.
His interview with, say, melted the heart of his wife, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get back together. According to insiders, Brad is not going back to Jolie, and as reported by children.
Even now, he runs group and individual psychotherapy. in particular, in order to establish a relationship with the heirs. Recall that father’s Day he spent with the children, even when they attended the meeting of the guardianship. Soon Angelina is sent by Maddox, Paxam, Saharai, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox to Ethiopia, where they will stay for several months. Apparently, this explains this fair of unprecedented generosity, because before pitt could see the children very much limited.
Not so long ago, Jolie and their children moved closer to her husband. New home of the celebrity is only two miles from the house of Nonsense, and it suits all parties. Do you think sharing happiness galipettes still possible?