Мария Голубкина грозится отменить свадьбу с Борисом Ливановым Actress seeks groom. Just recently, Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov said that will get married. However, while the woman analyzes the behavior of the chosen one and gets used to life with him.
Мария Голубкина грозится отменить свадьбу с Борисом Ливановым

Over the weekend in the “million dollar Secret” elect Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov said that they were going to get married and to be married in the near future. Journalists of one of the publications contacted the actress to congratulate her on her upcoming wedding, but the star of theatre and film said that’s still checks of the groom, and also looks at how comfortably they live together. Boris Livanov: “We will get married”

According to the actress, who is now involved in the production of “Crystal Palace”, their upcoming wedding – not a PR for the show. The celebration will take place. According to Golubkina, her man is also involved in working on theatrical novelty.

“Boris wrote the libretto for one of our productions. And, of course, try to bring the case to the end. I have about our wedding saying. He came specifically. When we are on his initiative, announced the wedding in the TV program “Secret of a million”, he thought I don’t stand a chance after this PR, you will have to marry him. But really got it, not I,” said Mary.
Мария Голубкина грозится отменить свадьбу с Борисом Ливановым

According to the artist, it will also look at the behavior of Boris. The star admits that it is possible to twist the rope. “Most importantly to me, he listened. Then he’ll be happy,” says Maria.

Golubkina emphasizes that it did not bother criminal record Livanov. In her opinion, incarceration is tempered actor. When Boris returned to Moscow, they began to correspond, and then they started an affair. Maria managed to acquaint the elect with 19-year-old daughter Nastya and mother Larisa Golubkina. The actress claims that both the relatives of her fiance liked. Besides, the star is not afraid to present Livanov ex-husband Nikolay Fomenko. Maria Golubkina: a failed marriage, years of loneliness and upcoming wedding

Мария Голубкина грозится отменить свадьбу с Борисом Ливановым“Bob has met with Nicky. They shook each other’s hand. Kolya and I were divorced 10 years ago, so no questions had not arisen,” said Golubkina.

The star said that they had submitted an application to the Registrar, but at any moment she might change her mind.

“We are now living in the apartment of Boris. He doesn’t drink. Writing screenplays, a libretto, a lot of work, however, and sleeps up to 12 noon. I told him to behave and disgrace to the whole country – call off the wedding. Wedding can be a month and a year. Looking even tell my priest, father Vladimir. Bob – non-religious people. But now he has nowhere to go, will votserkovitsya. Otherwise would pay our matrimonial plans are a joke, if not do as I want,” Maria confessed in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.