Style: Larissa Guzeeva have flattered the Network

На стиле: Ларису Гузееву захвалили в Сети
Host of the show “let’s get married” surprised trendy way.

Photo: Instagram

Deciding to praise his friend in the Network, Larisa Guzeeva she “ran” for compliments. Yesterday the TV presenter has published in his personal blog photos with Ekaterina Odintsov, once common-law wife of Boris Nemtsov and the mother of his two children.

“My beautiful, persistent, smart, beautiful friend Katya Odintsova — wrote Guzeeva. — How many people it broke the teeth, and she only prettier and thriving!”

Internet users did not pay attention to Madame Odintsov, and on the very Guzeevu. Host of the show “let’s get married”, whose appearance often causes issues among the public, after a long vacation looks at “five plus”. Members also noted a stylish outfit Guzeeva. She skillfully “collected” a real fashion look: straight black trousers, black t-shirt, pearly shoes, plaid coat with mink fur and a bright orange bag. Indeed, none of the stylist is not would find fault!

Recently Guzeeva even began to look good, noticed it and colleagues of the star, and her fans and even haters. New year’s eve Larisa appeared on the set of “let’s plagerise” greatly emaciated. The secret presenter is actually quite simple: eat less.

“The biggest misconception is to refuse to eat, — she said in one of his old interviews. — I several times went to the clinic fasting. In the end, lost ten pounds, and after a while gained twenty. Of these clinics, I came out haggard, unhappy, hunted look. Any diet from the Internet effective, if it is to comply. All the most popular diets work, choose for yourself and begin. There are no miracles. Thin people don’t eat much!”