Сати Казанова после свадьбы заговорила о материнстве
The singer mentally prepared to become a mother.

Photo: Instagram

At the end of last year Sati Kazanova officially married. Your relationship with her future husband, an Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo, singer to the last kept secret. Many even think that their romance — next PR star. Then, when it became clear that the wedding was real (even more than in Moscow, the Caucasus, and in Italy), people started talking about the pregnancy of the actress. Supposedly such haste in the formalization of relations was linked to the upcoming addition to the young family. But no.

“I married for love, Yes, shotgun!” joked Sati.

Anyway, about the children of the spouse, of course, dream. Moreover, the Caucasus, and in Italy it is customary to have many children. But before such an important step as motherhood, Sati Kazanova decided to learn all about what it means to be a mom.

In the beginning of the year, the singer released a song called “Mother” in which she sang of her love for her mother. He is now preparing for the filming of the video, and Casanova launched the Network global flash mob. It asked its subscribers to remove and send in the mail a video message to the mothers. Meaning: to admit to their mothers in what I could not before. The singer is sure that it will help establish mutual understanding between mothers and their children. But at the same time draw conclusions for themselves.

“God, to get closer to all, he created mothers”, says Casanova. — A mother’s love is very similar to the love of God to us. She loves always, even to the end of our days, accepting, experiencing and preserving. The mother gives her children very much – their blood, their tribal strength, ancestral memory. His image, his love, his values, example of life, example of a relationship to yourself and others. Being a mom is work and not everyone is ready to become a real mom. Deal with it, maybe not any woman. Birth is not so difficult. And becoming a mother — this way!”

Fans of the stars believe that Sati will be a great mom and I wish her to experience the joy of motherhood this year.