“The birthday boy and his chicken”: the son of Natasha Koroleva noted 16-letie

«Именинник и его курочки»: сын Наташи Королевой отметил 16-летие
Arkhip Glushko became an adult.

Photo: Instagram

Impossible but true: the son of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko was 16 years old. He’s already outgrown his mother by a head and almost equal with the father. And the growth of Tarzan, incidentally, add up to 186 cm! When Natasha and Arkhip go together, nobody can say that this mother and son. Especially in America, where the age pay not so much attention as in our country.

His 16th birthday Arkhip noted in one of the restaurants in Miami, where he lived the last few years with my grandmother. On the occasion, he invited his favorite girls: his mother, Natasha, Granny Luda, her aunt, Rusyu and sister Sonya. They all chose outfits in the tone of the party red.

“The hero of the occasion and his favorite chicken!” — signed so Natasha Koroleva photo with the birthday boy.

Of course, I would like fans to see and the main “chicken of his heart”, but, alas, there is not any in the life of a star heir. He is completely busy with school. Arkhip studying in American high school, which is right next to the house of his grandmother. For a person who lives in America just three years, he has excellent results. However, assessment of the young person is interested in as far as. He’s not going to go further in the classical American College and wants to go to College in Japan!

“I first heard about his plans, when he noticed that his son especially has to slow down learning English! he told Natasha in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — Say: “what you do not perform these tasks, they are so light?” And he, the sly dog, smiles and says: “I need? These tasks I perform, and I was immediately transferred to a higher level, and there should really try…” I’m outraged: “what? It is necessary to earn a certificate for admission to the University.” And he says, “what are you worried about? I’m still in University will do in Japan.” And before that, back in Moscow, I found on his Desk a thick notebook diary, all covered with hieroglyphs with a translation into Russian. And this is my nine year old son did yourself with a dictionary! When I saw this diary, I was in shock…”

But girls of the same age archip in the school have long noticed the cute Russian. This singer had learned from his American manicurists, “She once told me: “Daughter of my client learns with Archip in the same class. So I heard she said: “we have in class, a handsome man, on it Pascoli dries. But he somehow these indifferent courtship. His name is Arkhip”.

Every year Arkhip is becoming more like a father, and so it can rightly be called a sex symbol of male pop stars in Russia. So attention girls son of Tarzan secured. The Queen, sighing, said that was preparing for a daughter-in-law from Japan.