Киностудия Бондарчука требует от «Смешариков» 127 миллионов ArtPictures suspects of colleagues in breach of the agreement on international distribution signed with an Australian agent. Company Fyodor Bondarchuk acted as the main investor, therefore, intends to recover his costs.
Киностудия Бондарчука требует от «Смешариков» 127 миллионов

Journalists drew attention to the fact that the Studio of Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Rozovskogo ArtPictures is going to sue OOO “Smeshariki” group of companies “Riki” billionaire Ilya Popov. The claim in the amount of 126,8 million rubles was filed 6 Mar. The relevant record appears in the files of Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Litigation between the companies related to their joint work on a feature-length cartoons, created on the basis of “Smeshariki” – “Smeshariki. The legend of the Golden dragon”, released in may of 2016, and “Smeshariki. Déjà vu”, the premiere of which is scheduled for April 26 this year. ArtPictures made a major investor in the creation of these projects.

As it became known to correspondents, the film Bondarchuk accused OOO “Smeshariki” in violation of the partnership agreement. In 2016, the year the limited liability company attracted the international for hire Australians from Odin’s Eye Entertainment. They also got the rights to show a feature film “Smeshariki. The beginning.”

Киностудия Бондарчука требует от «Смешариков» 127 миллионов

The parties signed an agreement under which a foreign company was required to pay the holders of the cartoon (including Bondarchuk’s Studio) reward. However, Odin’s Eye Entertainment has accused OOO “Smeshariki” in violation of a number of conditions of the agreement and relieved itself of the obligations prescribed in the documents.

“In particular, OOO “Smeshariki” had violated the terms of delivery of materials. All these violations are of a serious nature and allow Odin’s, according to the letter of the contract, not to pay the guaranteed payment. Thus, OOO “Smeshariki”, violating its commitments to the international agent, made it impossible for the company “Art pikchers Studio” part of this reward,” – said the representatives of the Studio Bondarchuk reporters.

In ArtPictures also explained why he filed a lawsuit for such a considerable sum. They draw attention to the fact that the Studio suffered significant damage during the work on the cartoons.

“Given that the company “Art pikchers Studio” is the main investor, which attracted more than 150 million rubles, borrowed funds for the production of films (planned to reimburse them including international sales), we presented well-grounded claims for our losses and lost profits,” – said the press service of the company.

Preliminary consideration of the claim of the Studio Bondarchuk OOO “Smeshariki” is scheduled for April 16. In the group of companies “Riki” going to ArtPictures.

“At the moment we are preparing an objection to be considered by the court in the prescribed manner. The requirements of “Art pictures Studio” and we think they are unfounded,” – said the press service of the defendant.

Version GK “Ricky”, the situation has arisen due to “improper execution of financial obligations of international agent, engaged in distribution”. Representatives of the organization believe that the requirements of the Studio must be addressed to the foreign company, which was involved for rental abroad.

According to “News” and “Business Petersburg”.