Мать девушки, погибшей в «Хромой лошади», возмущена ошибкой Дмитрия Борисова TV host “Let them talk” apologized to the woman. Live Dmitry Borisov and editor program messed up the picture of your daughter Larisa Titova. This inconsistency provoked active discussions in social networks.
Мать девушки, погибшей в «Хромой лошади», возмущена ошибкой Дмитрия Борисова

On the eve of the release of the program “Let speak” devoted to the tragedy that occurred last Sunday in Kemerovo. The city lit shopping centre “Winter cherry”. More than 64 people died in the fire, and some of the victims still in hospital in serious condition.

The experts gathered in the Studio, compared the scale of the tragedy from a fire that occurred in December 2009 in Perm. Then 156 people have died from choking from carbon monoxide or receiving serious burns. This fire was considered the largest in post-Soviet Russia. Transfer “Let speak” has invited the mother of one of the victims, Larisa Titova. She told me about how you lost your daughter. During her story on the screen showed photos of Yulia Titova. However, it turned out that the girl is a completely different mother.

Мать девушки, погибшей в «Хромой лошади», возмущена ошибкой Дмитрия Борисова

A woman named Natalia Timokova told in the social network, the error of employees of the transmission. “Can’t shut up. Quite a wild situation happened today. A friend calls me from Perm Lilia Titova, which killed the only daughter in the “Lame horse”. And asks to watch today’s edition of “Let them talk” on channel one . Program about Kemerovo and remember the state of emergency in “the Lame horse” in Perm. Invite a guest – a certain Titov Larissa, which tells the story of her 25-year-old dead daughter. The screen shows two times the girl’s photo, which is really died – Julia Titova. But it’s my daughter Lily! Leela called half the town, and was very upset with all of the relatives that is certainly understandable,” said a familiar Titova.

Dmitry Borisov saw the discussion, and hastened to apologize for the mistake. According to him, the heroine of the release of the lost daughter named Irina Ustinova, and the editors chose the wrong video because of the same last name Titov.

“Asked Lily’s phone to apologize. Not sure how Lily would react, but I, frankly, easier. The great power of social networks. Thank you very much for the repost and support – wrote Timenkov.

Julia Titova died in the hospital. The girl was in the St. Petersburg Institute of JV to them. I. I. Dzhanelidze. The doctors fought for her life, but was unable to save. “Every day we prayed and hoped for a miracle, she became one of the penultimate of the victims were kept for a long time, we all hoped,” recalls Timenkov.