Ирина Круг преодолела кризис в браке Apparently, the singer was able to reconcile with her husband. Businessman Serguei Beloussov pleased Irina Krug luxurious gift on the occasion of birthday. Fans of the artist joined his congratulations and wished the couple happiness and health.
Ирина Круг преодолела кризис в браке

29 Mar Irina Krug celebrates his birthday. The singer was 42 years old. Early in the morning, the artist accepts congratulations from friends and relatives. They leave Irene warm wishes and give gifts. Among those who gave the woman a sign of attention, was her husband, Sergei Belousov. The businessman is pleased with his wife gorgeous bouquet of roses.

Irina posted a photo of a luxury gift in social networks, adding the hashtag “beloved husband”. In addition, celebrity has printed photos of fans who congratulated her on social networks. Members of the Circle also left her with wishes of love, health and happiness in the comments. “Thank you for your songs, they warm our hearts”, “always Stay as bright and kind, a great woman artist”, “Come to our city, really looking forward to,” wrote the fans of the stars.

Ирина Круг преодолела кризис в браке

Apparently, Irina has managed to overcome the differences that arise in the relationship with your spouse. The impressive size of the gift that made the actress her husband, Sergei Belousov, leaves no doubt that in the relationship sense.

That her marriage is not all smooth, Irina Krug said the program Boris Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Interview with the artist revealed in October last year. Talking to TV presenter, the actress said about the crisis in relations with the chosen one. Irina also did not rule out the probability of divorce.

Ирина Круг преодолела кризис в браке“We with Sergey 13 years together. It’s a complicated story, this is not to say that we have some good… Now we have a crisis in the relationship. Whether to keep this marriage, I don’t know. But it was also such a history, he was younger than me, I was hesitant, joking. We have a difficult period, and I very hard,” said Krug Korchevnikov.

The words Irina has alarmed her fans. They expressed the hope that the family life of the beloved singer will definitely improve.

Irina Krug (nee – Glazko) was married to businessman Sergey Belousov in 2006. In September 2013, the couple had a son Andrew. He was the first to the third of Sergei and Irina. Belousov thoroughly prepared for a joyous occasion – the husband of the actress took her from the hospital in a white limousine with a bouquet of 101 roses. Upon returning home, Irina was waiting for a festive dinner with family and friends.

Previous husband of Irene was a chanson singer Mikhail Krug. They formalized the relationship in 2001. a year Later, Irina had a son, Alexander. The life of Mikhail Krug ended abruptly in the night from 30 June to 1 July. Artist unknown killed in his own home.