Student city revealed the true cause of his departure from the show “the Voice”

Ученица Градского раскрыла истинную причину его ухода с шоу «Голос» Star music project reported motives that prompted Alexander Gradsky to withdraw from the jury, and shared moments that could enter the program. She debunked the myths that formed around the former mentor of the competition.

      Favorite former mentor Alexander Gradsky said that the chief motive which prompted the musician to leave the judgment seat, was the outcome of the finale of the previous season. He harbored the hope that the victory of his ward, but that did not happen. It hurt his feelings and he decided to stop further participation in the shooting. For a long time in mass media there was information that the city refused to cooperate due to the fact that he was offered an unsatisfactory amount of the fee – one million dollars together promised one million euros.

      “He wrote that, he allegedly asked a fee of a million dollars, but have not received them and was offended, but this is nonsense, do not believe. Hurt Alexander at the results of last season. He waited for the victory of his pupil Mikhail Ozerov and the fact that Laura eventually got hieromonk Photius, was a shock for him” – denied rumors Alla reed.

      In the press actively discussed the financial background of the issue, but the singer tried to convince the journalists to the contrary. According to her, the city never tried to profit at the expense of the participants, he carefully approached the selection of potential performers in my team and worked individually with each person, as demanded by the situation. For Alla the departure of former mentor was a real shock. In an interview, she admitted that without the “Maestro” of the show will lose all the authenticity that was inherent in it. Reid says that “the Voice” has always rested on such “whales” as the city. She believes that the fifth season will not be so attractive.

      Son of Alexander Gradsky took part in the show “the Voice”

      “Without him, this project has become a circus show, but not the old Klondike to search for gold nuggets. – In the West at “the Voice” has a clearly structured dramaturgy and roles are strictly divided among the mentors there are young stars, artists and the average age is certainly sits the master, which sums up everything said by colleagues. We have the same “Voice” this Maestro now no!” – said the singer.

      The actress also admitted that some participants in the current season of the project acted with criticism of judges. They stated that the city really different attitude to the contestants each tried to find its own approach and uncover the pop data. Reid recalls that after the blind auditions, she, along with other boys went to the “master” home, where he explained to them what goal they should pursue throughout the program. He gave some advice on the vocals, and Reid, in particular, advised to speak with the song of Vladimir Vysotsky, although the girl until the moment was more focused on jazz and soul.

      “City are very direct and Frank person, so when in the quarterfinals of Serov with the song I went on stage, you already knew that I would not go” – said the artist.

      In between, city at the time invited the girl to his song “city Hall”, where she performed as a soloist and is currently preparing for the concert. As admitted the singer in an interview Work in a project former mentor show for it was the beginning of a great stage success. The mysterious contestant on “the Voice” Elena Minina working in the theatre gradsko