Marilyn Kerro a step closer to winning the “Battle of psychics”

Мэрилин Керро стала на шаг ближе к победе в «Битве экстрасенсов» After the fifth series of the programme, the psychic was recognized as the best. The results of the previous trials it is better than others coped with the task and therefore won the week.

      Today ended another series of mystical show, the results of which participant the 17th season review <url> for the first few releases have received the white envelope. The jury finally appreciated the paranormal abilities of the girls and gave it a chance to compete for the main prize. During the announcement of the winner of the last test, she admitted she was desperate to be on top and become the best in a week. But it is recognized as the strongest. It was a real shock to the girl. On her face there came a smile and she probably found that very hope which was left, in her certification, last season.

      “You know, the audience was a lot of negativity to me. Somewhere I lost that hope. But I would like to be in a white envelope, of course,” podelilas girl leading up to the announcement of the winner of the week.

      Before calling the name of kerro, Marat Basharov tried to intrigue the participants, saying that this human was in a white envelope many times, but in the 16th season. After that, no one doubts that we are talking about the Estonian witch. She seemed to have been set up quite optimistic, and expressed a desire to be the best, one way or another remained impartial. When the host announced her name, she did not hide delight from the whole incident.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      “I was speechless. I’m so happy that I was at the end there. I am very happy and grateful,” admitted Marilyn during the broadcast of the program.

      It is worth noting that the Estonian clairvoyant really successfully coped with the test. She had to identify the owners of the house, which brought all the contestants. Not only did she know who currently lives there, but found the real hostess, who many years ago left this world. Spouses confused energy that prevailed in that house, and they were ready to sell it. Marilyn realized that there is imposed the curse the woman that lived there before. She entered the house and were able to find all the ritual paraphernalia, which kept the “evil” energetiku, and gave it back to the fire. But I must admit that Swami Dasha also coped with the task and was able to help the family in their trouble.

      During his third triumphant return on the project, fans of the program fell on Marilyn Kerro criticism. They believed that there is no chance to win the Grand prize. Many suggested that her participation will not change the course of the TV show and her stay would be short. For members of the psychic remains unclear what motivates a witch and what a goal it pursues this time. However, lost hope and faith in their own strength and the support of fans Kerro still were in a white envelope and thus proved that he has the right to compete for “Crystal hand”.