Daria Pynzar about her husband: “I thought it’s over between us”

Дарья Пынзарь о муже: «Мне казалось, между нами все кончено» The star of “House-2” almost lost a loved one. Daria Pynzar shared with “StarHit” own experience of emerging from a family crisis, which threatened to end the final breakup.

      Darya and Sergey Pynzar for many years are one of the most exemplary pairs of “House-2”. Everyday ex-members of telestroke are still a subject of interest for thousands of their fans. Numerous photos on the social network once again confirms that relations of family harmony.

      Now it’s hard to believe, but in the lives of Daria and Sergei there was a time when they would part for good. The young people then met, the wedding was out of the question. Dasha behaved capriciously and, by his own admission, often twirling Sergey nerves. One day he broke and gave to understand that no longer can adapt to changes in the mood of his beloved.

      “Before I met Sergei, I have not had experience of a serious relationship, and I was reminded more of the “stupid kitten”: could easily throw a tantrum on an empty place or to specifically make him jealous. Fortunately, he is like a superhero bravely endured all my moods and taught me to be gentle and loving woman. Over the years we have had only one turning point, which happened before the wedding. Then it seemed to me that Sergey was tired to carry my crap, and we’re done. As often happens, it was at that moment I realized how much I love this man and don’t want to lose him. If I looked at relationships through the eyes of others, and since all the crises have passed us by” – frankly admitted to “StarHit” Daria.

      Now the couple has two sons. Over the years of living together Daria and Sergey learned to listen to each other and to go together through the difficult moments of life. So, after the second birth, ex-member of “House-2” was overweight and was determined to get in shape. Husband had a favorite such powerful support that with her, and joined the TV show “Wedding size”, which starts on the channel “Dомашний 24 October at 23:00.

      “Appearance plays a big role: like it or not, men love with their eyes. And if a woman is completely dissolved in the care of the child, ceases to care for themselves and to pay attention to the husband, it could be a problem. But trust me: toddler is happy, happy when his parents, so in any case do not forget about even with the advent of children,” says the star of “House-2″. No one can read your mind, even favorite people. There is a problem – tell me about it, and does not gloss over their experiences, because sooner or later they will accumulate and will break out at the most inopportune moment. Sergei never leave unresolved issues and discussing them and trying to find a way out of this situation.”