Steven Seagal touts the company of the Russian cellular communication

Стивен Сигал рекламирует компанию российской сотовой связи

Without having to obtain a Russian passport, a Hollywood actor, the action star Steven Seagal already makes on the part in the commercials. The first use of recognizable personality of the famous artist in the company of cellular communication Megaphone.

Стивен Сигал рекламирует компанию российской сотовой связи
New year’s promotional video lyric Stephen hero (obviously he’s playing himself), in a fur coat and a fur cap meets in Moscow alley bullies. Using the interpreter, Segal frightened the attackers, and those with the words “Yes he is ours”, retired.

In the cellular phone company said that initially counted on the participation of Steven and wrote the script under it, in parallel, conducting negotiations. By the way, a Russian citizen Segal also visited the company’s headquarters and there met with children from orphanages, paraskovia with them and signed autographs.



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