Stesha Malikova lit on a yacht in a bikini

Стеша Маликова зажгла на яхте в бикини The heiress of the artist’s travels to countries of the Mediterranean sea. Stephanie has pleased fans with a few shots in a yellow bikini. Subscribers girls admire her figure and wish you a pleasant stay.

Passing the exams at one of the prestigious universities in Moscow, Stefania Malikov went on vacation to fall to start studying. She became a student of the faculty of journalism of the University by enrolling in the budget Department. After entrance examinations heir Dmitri and Elena Malikova went to Europe to restore emotional and physical condition.

In the beginning of the journey Stesha visited Spain and France, then visited the Italian island of Bella on lake Maggiore, and recently went with friends on a cruise. Girls staged a walk on a yacht in the Mediterranean in the heart of Sardinia. To his daughters joined the successor of restaurateur Arkady Novikov Alexandra, photographer Maria Gruzdeva, who is the sister of the chosen one Stasi Leonid and Yulia Glukhova.

Girls could sunbathe, sitting on the open deck of the vessel. Fans Stasi actively discussed in the comments to pictures of her bright yellow swimsuit top which is strapless and panties made in the form of shorts.

“Beautiful Aphrodite,” “the Sun beauty”, “Steshenko, as always, at height”, “You’re beautiful”, “Swim, rest, force will be needed”, “Stephanie, you are a marvel,” wrote a follower on the page girls.

By the way, some users of social networks drew attention to Sasha Novikov. The girl looks joyful and happy. It seems that the parting with Ivan Yankovsky, which occurred quite recently, did not disappoint the owner of the online boutique of a healthy diet. Ivan Yankovsky has returned to ex-girlfriend

Stesha was able to succeed and become popular on social networks, so now some sponsored posts heiress of the artist to give her the money. As they say the girl’s parents, they are proud of her progress. However, Malikov is planning to build a career journalist, and recording the songs and filming for lumbunov applies to a hobby. Dmitry Malikov: “I raise my voice, if Stesha is rude”

“I want to write about politics, it’s very interesting this topic. Don’t miss a single issue of talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” I love watching the political debates. Also interested in art, for example, recently watched “Stalingrad”, and I was so touched that I came home and splashed out their emotions on paper…” – said Stefania “StarHit”.