Girlfriend Kate Middleton died from a brain tumor

Подруга Кейт Миддлтон скончалась от опухоли мозга A friend of the Duchess passed away at the age of 34 years. As reported by foreign media, Catherine spoke with Isobel Kennerly during the trip to the camp. The woman was unable to overcome a serious illness.
Подруга Кейт Миддлтон скончалась от опухоли мозга

A childhood friend of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Isobel of Kennerly died from a brain tumor. 34-year-old woman, who went along with the wife of Prince William in the camp, revealed the disease three years ago. She was desperately trying to overcome cancer. How to write foreign sources, Isobel could not move, eat and speak in the last months of his life. Friend Kate was suffering from unbearable pain, exhaustion and loss of self-esteem.

According to mother Isobel Christina Ailey, patients have formed a serious bedsores, as she was bedridden for several months. The woman remembers that her daughter endlessly screamed in pain, and when he came to himself, begged family and her husband to help her die. Now Christina supports the initiative, according to which a terminal diagnosis or diagnosed with a serious mental disorder, could themselves choose the time of death. 65-year-old woman supports Noel Conway. The pensioner, who suffers from motor neuron disease, has suggested to allow patients to voluntarily withdraw from life.

By the way, in the childhood of Kennerly was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, despite the verdict of doctors, she tried to lead an active lifestyle. Isobel was with Kate and Pippa Middleton on the trip, which was organized for girl scouts The Brownies in 1991. They went camping with backpacks and sleeping in a tent. Besides, during this trip the children fed the chickens, collected eggs and watched the lives of other farm animals. As recognized by Kennerly, everyone was kind to her that she forgot about the disability.

Then the way of women sold. Kate went to study at St. Andrews University, and Isobel received a diploma of a Professor in the College of Nebari. Then the girl met her future husband, Scott of Cinarli they were married in 2010. Later, when she raised qualification at Canterbury University, she was diagnosed with a tumor. At first Isobel thought that the pain in left side justified with cerebral palsy, however, after a thorough examination by a neurologist, it became clear that this cancer.

“Never can’t even imagine that your child dies before, but Isobel was so brave. She looked death in the face,” said mom of Kennerly.