Son of Victor Tsoi “resurrected” father in the memory of fans

Сын Виктора Цоя «воскресил» отца в памяти фанатов Alexander struck fans of “Movie” is the first song of my project “ronin”. The man decided to follow in the footsteps of famous parents and recorded their debut mini-album which will be released this fall. Many Internet users found that the heir to the stars should pursue a career in music.
Сын Виктора Цоя «воскресил» отца в памяти фанатов

31-year-old Alexander Tsoi, the son of the legendary rocker getting ready to present their debut mini-album “Support”. Prior to this, the man was mostly known as the designer who worked on TV and large concerts.

Album Alexander with five tracks will be released on 3 September. In anticipation of the premiere he released the single “Whisper,” are interested by music critics and fans of the band “Kino”.

A lyric video for the song was released on the YouTube channel of the project Alexander “ronin”. By the time of this writing, the video has received over 17 thousand views. To most listeners the song came to mind and they vote for it mark “I like”. They also compared the work of Alexander with what he did, his famous parent. At the same time one of Internet users thought that the song of the male resembles the work of a Dolphin.

“Well done! Keep going, we support you” “then Close. Come again”, “something there”, “Confidence in you”, “Waiting for the album. When someone will say that Choi is alive, I will give them a link to you”, “Great, and long overdue. All the roads are open”, “This is psychological trauma. To lose a man in 15 years and receive it in 41 years”, “Glad continued on the path of the father”, “Good”, “Our mantra has come true guys”, “Cool. Dad must be proud,” was discussed by users of social networks.

On the other hand, some listeners of the debut of the track of Alexander, on the contrary, allowed himself to criticize. In their opinion, the man should spend more time on the lyrics, and also to consider the diversity in sound. In addition, they wished Choi further success. Internet users believe that the musician have something to strive for.

Earlier, Alexander Tsoy broke a long silence and gave a candid interview to journalists. The man, who rarely talks with reporters, talked about his work in the project “Symphonic cinema”, performing orchestral versions of songs by iconic rocker. Alexander’s activities is to create video art.

“I’m learning to live with this part of the biography” the son of Victor Tsoi gave a Frank interview about father

During the meeting with media representatives Choi also told of the influence of the creativity of the father. Alexander admitted that he rarely listens to the song of group “Cinema” – about once a month. However, he finds them very good music. Speaking of favorite songs, the man singled out the tracks “General”, “Rain for us” and “We are with you”.