Stepan Menshikov wants to meet with this father and son

Степан Меньщиков хочет познакомиться с настоящим отцом сына The star of “House-2” are shocked by the DNA results. Stepan Menshikov admitted that he refuses child support and will take care of the baby. The entertainer said his wife, Eugenie didn’t even try to make it up to him.
Степан Меньщиков хочет познакомиться с настоящим отцом сына

Recently it became known that the star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov broke up with his wife Eugenia. The young woman took the two kids and moved out from her husband. Soon, however, the man received another terrible blow – recently revealed that his son Ivan he is not native. The eldest son Stepan Menschikova was not born from him

Showman does not hide his frustration – because for four years he raised the boy and could not imagine such a turn of events. When the editors of the program “really” offered to do a DNA test, he didn’t know and considered analysis of a formality.

“I think it makes no sense to lie. Moreover, this is confirmed not only test, but a polygraph, myself and Eugene. She didn’t even try to justify and explain. The potential father I don’t know. Can’t even guess who it could be. But I would like to know who it is. I was wondering,” admitted Menshikov.

Now Stepan is thinking about how to present this news to the kid. He thinks to hide from the baby, this fact will not succeed because the statement was made for the whole country. Showman promises to find a way out of the situation and to teach my son not to respond to negativity in his address from the haters..

Despite the fact that the wife concealed from men’shchikova such important information, he did not intend to deprive themselves of communication with the child. In his opinion, Ivan is not to blame, and therefore should get the most attention, love and care. After learning the results of the DNA test, he has not changed his relationship to the son.

“I will always love him, to educate, to support and take care of it. On the alimony I do not refuse, from fatherhood even more. I doubt that in the age of the son will look for the biological father. Why is it necessary?” – said Stepan.

While the couple has not filed divorce papers. Apparently, in the soul of men’shchikova cherished the hope of being reunited with Eugenia. Now, however, he made it clear that no more turning back. Moreover, the man told the publication Dom2.Life of the intention to make adjustments to some agreement with his wife. Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”

“After this situation, I wouldn’t be able to be with Eugene. All our terms and agreements about which we both mentioned earlier, will be reviewed. Will soon begin the divorce process,” said Menshikov.