Diana Shurygina decided on a boob job after the wedding

Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы Last week she became the wife of videographer Andrew Slavina. Diana appeared at the festival in a dress with a full skirt and embroidered top. Many admired the bride, but she believes that she needs to become the owner of a magnificent bust, so already going to the reception to the surgeon.
Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы

Last Thursday 18-year-old Diana married a 29-year-old operator, Andrew Slavina. They exchanged vows of love and fidelity in the capital’s registry office No. 4, and then the limo rolled through Moscow. Despite the rain and bad weather, with those guys gone smile. Towards evening the newly-married couples went to the restaurant, where they waited for family and friends. “StarHit” publishes exclusive photos from the occasion.

Diana Shurygina getting married. PHOTO. VIDEO

Dream dress

Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы

Bride’s morning started exciting: Diana two hours she painted and put in a Suite hotel in the North of the capital. Way girls were the stylists from Beauty Factory A. G. on the Eve of the Shurygina were having a hen party in the SPA-center, where there was a complex of procedures including peeling, wrap and massage. “I was trying to relax in the cabin, but the nerves made themselves felt, – has shared with “StarHit” Diana. – Slept badly, worried how it would go. Barely rose. Not even had Breakfast. The piece in a throat did not climb. But when they arrived my mom and wedding planner Diana Bicharova, then calmed down a bit. They really cheered me up and told me not to give up”.

The blogger stopped at a light makeup: a little stressed eyes and lips. Dress chose classic white, lush and with a train.

“I love it when modest and tasteful, – said the bride. – I immediately liked the outfit with short sleeves and a closed back. And no veil – I don’t want! Looking at the weather outside the window, I realized that I was not mistaken: the whole day was the rain.”
Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы

To meet Shurygino helped mother Natalia, who endorses the marriage of the daughter. “I’m very happy for Diana, barely holding back tears, shared with “StarHit” the parent. – Of course, she’s only 18! It was possible to wait. But on the other hand, I’m also married young. I hope that the daughter will be happy. Andrew I like it. He trusted, moreover, older and more experienced than Diana. It such need”.

Pointing up, the bride came out of the hotel and sat in the white car. In the Palace of marriage was waiting for her excited groom, relatives and friends. Andrew, dressed in a classic suit, nervously fingered in the hands of the documents.

During the ceremony Shurygina and cried, and smiled. Giving vows of love and loyalty, Diana and Andrew exchanged rings, they chose classic accessories white gold without stones. And then the cries of “Kiss!” and applause kissed. In the eyes of the parents had tears of joy.

Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы“It was a very touching moment, smiles Diana. I can’t believe that I was the wife of the man I love. ‘ve been through over the past year. So sad it starts and ends so great. Tell me anybody about it beforehand, would not have believed!”
Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы

For all the traditions

From the registry office the couple friends went to ride around the historical places of Moscow. Due to the incessant rain of the traditional champagne walk in the Park did not work, but the guys were able to admire the capital from the Windows of comfortable limousine. They visited Gory path of lovers on luskova bridge.

Closer to six in the evening Diana and Andrew arrived at the restaurant in the South of Moscow. In the doors of a few establishments in all the traditions were met by the parents with bread and salt. Mother-in-law was holding the loaf, from which Andrew and Diana took a bite in turn. A larger piece went to the newly made husband. Then they went into the hall, where he organized a Banquet for 70 people. To congratulate Slaging came singer Andrei Kovalev, a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, sexologist Paul Rakov. This evening for guests were the group “on-On”, Loy, Sarah Oaks, Andrey Aleksin and others.

“I’m friends with many artists, so they all came to congratulate Diana and wish her a happy family life”, – told the “StarHit” organizer Diana Bicharova.
Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы

Young literally filled up with flowers. Most invitees were practical and gave things that are useful in everyday life: bedding, dishes, Cutlery. But the sexologist Paul Rakov, the training of which Diana has recently been handed the newly made wife a set of underwear well-known brand. “I am sure that in marriage, Diana will be revealed for real, and all fears will be forgotten, congratulated Shurygin Cancers. – Her passion is literally on fire”.

In the midst of the hall rolled a six-foot cake. Above it conjured star pastry chef Alex Kush. The first piece was bought by the businessman Andrey Kovalev for 100 thousand rubles. The festivities lasted until the morning.

Soon Diana will go to a plastic surgeon to enlarge your Breasts. She has already chosen a qualified specialist, candidate of medical Sciences sedysheva Samira Hasanovich.

Диана Шурыгина решилась на пластику груди после свадьбы