Nikolai Baskov is ready for serious change

Николай Басков готовится к серьезным переменам On the eve of his birthday a famous actor posted on Instagram in which he admitted to fans that he was tired himself. Basque hinted: he’s going to surprise the audience.
Николай Басков готовится к серьезным переменам

Famous singer Nikolay Baskov shared with subscribers in Instagram their experiences. The artist laments the fact that for 40 years, got tired of himself and he needs his rest. Golden voice of the national stage on 15 October will celebrate 41 years.

Fans immediately reacted on a post of the artist. “It’s all the fatigue from your busy schedule, your circumstance, from the dreary weather outside the window… But everything passes and this will pass”, “Dear Nicholas! We are ready to support you in any your decision or endeavor! Have you managed to have a great career. His huge tireless work and talent to reach certain heights and gain recognition”, “I am Sure that all your best human qualities and a unique talent will stay with you at every restart!”, “Let this work!”, “You have a beautiful voice! My subjective opinion”, “Support. A decisive step. Want to find the answers to all the questions. And become more happy. Good Luck, Nicholas!” – supported Baskov fans.

Recently, the singer made an offer hands and hearts Victoria Lopyreva. The artist has officially announced the wedding in the presence of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Newly-made bride was presented with a diamond ring. “We don’t want to prove anything to anyone, and we still believe in our love or not. We just want to live together. You know, there’s a good phrase – perhaps for someone it and rudely saying, forgive us our happiness and walk away,” said Victoria in an interview.

Initially the wedding was planned for October 5 of this year, but the mother of singer Elena N. Baskov asked to postpone the ceremony.

“When Nicholas called and said that they decided against Vika to get married, I felt a crazy joy. I took the news as a welcome, because you know the son is ready for this important step. But 5 Oct died my father and our family for this day of remembrance. Of course I’m upset you guys, but I want to say a huge thank you first of all Vick for what he understood and accepted the situation,” – said Elena.

Nicholas admitted to friends and fans as the realized that Victoria would be his wife.

Николай Басков готовится к серьезным переменам“Remember that night when I differently looked at Vic. We’ve had a wedding, and I suddenly say, “I don’t want to dance with me?” And these three and a half minutes of the dance… I don’t know, but somehow it was warm, nice, quiet. Her eyes are incredible… I began to write in the evening and in the morning: how you doing? And then I realized: I have to see her, to talk to her, hear the voice,” said Basque.
Николай Басков готовится к серьезным переменам

Friends of people’s artist at first did not believe in the seriousness of the intentions of the artist. “We do not understand anything! Here is the number,” said the singer Valeria on a talk show. Other familiar pop stars was skeptical about the news of the upcoming nuptials. Some felt that the wedding – this is another PR stunt that was planned by the singer. But the majority of colleagues supported by a few and praised the choice Nicholas.

The exact date of the wedding, Nicholas and Victoria are not yet announced.

“So, dear friends, about the wedding date we will tell you later and invite everybody,” promised Nicholas.