Died a famous healer Allan Chumak

Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак The psychic, who was extremely popular in the 80s and 90s, died Monday evening in Moscow on 83-m to year of life. This was reported by Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon. Wife of Allan Chumak has confirmed the sad news.
Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак

Died a famous healer Allan Chumak, who arranged the TV shows in the 80s and 90s, collecting in front of the screens of millions of viewers. The psychic was 82 years old. The sad news was announced by Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, who Chumak over a long period of time.

Media representatives contacted the wife of a television activist Lyudmila, which confirmed the information received wide publicity. Oscar passed away on Monday evening.

“A few hours ago in Moscow on 83-m to year of life has died the Allan V. Chumak is an outstanding healer, writer, philosopher and a wonderful person. We’ve been friends for 27 years,” Gordon wrote on his page on “Facebook”.
Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак

Social media users expressed condolences to the families and friends of Allan Chumak. “In memory of”, “At the time, he helped a lot, although many did not recognize him”, “he was a Good man”, “Ground down”, “the Kingdom of heaven, eternal peace” – was discussed by the subscribers of Gordon.

Allan Chumak was born may 26, 1935 in Moscow. After receiving a journalism education, he began working in television as a sports commentator, and then the editor. In the late 70s Chumak felt a certain ability. Ten years later, the man became one of the most popular television healers in Russia.

When Chumak arranged television sessions, he “charged” by various substances, including water, creams and ointments. The man didn’t say a word, but only moving his lips. It made a lasting impression on witnesses. After the Ministry of health issued order restricting non-traditional methods of treatment, Chumak was forced to suspend its large-scale operation.

Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак

Television figure who is regularly faced with a different kind of criticism. Many scientists openly expressed dissatisfaction with the sessions Allan Putin, believing that he is deceiving people. So, academician Eduard Kruglyakov called “effect of Chumak” pseudoscientific.

Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак“How are things with our nationally known healers, generalists Chumak and Kashpirovsky? Because they say they can cure almost all diseases. (…) Are we dealing with a miracle? No, of course. Serious therapists claim that no case of real healing seriously ill people is not detected. On the contrary, faith in the miraculous possibilities of healing ends for patients with sad. Disease launch”, – he wrote in one of his articles.
Скончался известный целитель Аллан Чумак

Chumak himself said that the proof of his features and the words of gratitude from people. Some clients of the psychic felt that he really helped.

“I met with the top hierarchy of the Church. Said, “Prove that the gift from Satan – will accept any schema. Not prove themselves will remove his cassock and go into the world to earn his daily bread”. You think about how it would be great to prove that my talent is of the devil. But no one is trying to do. The tree is known by its fruits. Let them prove that they are my acts is of Satan! After all, people thank me for having helped, cured,” – said Chumak.