Cancer patient Michael Zadornov: “the Treatment in Germany was successful”

Больной раком Михаил Задорнов: «Лечение в Германии было успешным» Satirist appealed to the public. Recently, the Network appeared a large number of speculation about the health of Mikhail Zadornov. The writer decided to break the silence, to stop the spread of false information.
Больной раком Михаил Задорнов: «Лечение в Германии было успешным»

Writer Mikhail Zadornov struggling with serious illness. The satirist chooses to refrain from any comments about your condition that provokes the emergence of a large number of the rumors. Not so long ago an anonymous source from the clinic, which allegedly is Zadornov, said that he appealed for help to the healer. It was alleged that in the course of therapy in Germany, Mikhail Nikolaevich began to have severe pain, so his family made the decision to suspend treatment.

Publication information reached the Zadornov. Concerned the writer decided to break the silence and speak out about data, received wide publicity. According to Mikhail Nikolayevich, foreign doctors really helped him, and now he is in Moscow.

“I want to say a few words in defense of the clinic in Germany. The treatment there was successful, and the German doctors never abandoned me. The first results of rehabilitation were achieved in Germany. I continue conventional treatment and very grateful to the doctors of the Moscow clinic where are now. They do everything possible and impossible that I’m more recovered,” – said Zadornov.

The man also urged the public not to believe false information. Mikhail Nikolaevich and his family try to refrain from talking to journalists. Zadornov denied reports of insiders who inform the press about his condition. According to the satirist, the ones who really know the real situation, remain silent.

“I know that none of my friends with whom I communicate will not discuss on TV or to tell the press about my health, but there are those who for the sake of their own PR will tell in detail about how coming to visit me, help in the treatment and bring me a rare drug prepared in the secret labs of the recipes found at the UFO crash site,” – said the writer.

In addition, Zadornov explained why so seldom gets in touch with the fans. Satirist convinced that health is a private matter that should not be the object of discussion to the public. Mikhail said that he talks about his condition when it counts.

“To avoid misunderstandings, last fall I reported that sick that I need serious treatment, and I cancelled all performances. I believe that all such statements must come from me. I am convinced that the patient’s condition is his own business, and it should not be the object of discussion in the press. It’s frustrating for me and my family. I’m sad that the speculation journalists generate all sorts of rumors, which are even more far from the truth. For normal treatment I need rest, and I’d like to hear” – said Zadornov to the subscribers.