The wife of rapper Mota announced the pregnancy

Жена рэпера Мота объявила о беременности The actor and his fiancee Maria will become parents for the first time. In a new video Mota his second half showed a rounded belly. Happy spouses receive numerous congratulations from fans.

Rapper the ILO presented a new video for the song “When will disappear the word.” Video output has been announced in the social networks of the artist and his wife Mary. The young people intrigued fans with information about the upcoming surprise. Some social media users speculated that the couple will announce that soon will become parents for the first time.

After some time, rumors were circulating on the Internet, has received official confirmation. ILO thanked the crew for their work on the video.

“The song of the oath I gave this year to the heavens. Clip – a secret we’ve been hiding, and now it’s time to talk about it. Video “disappears When the word” already online on my channel,” – said the rapper.

The video ends with fiancee Maria Mota shows a rounded belly. A young woman is preparing for the upcoming replenishment in the family. Before that the wife of the artist preferred to hide changes to the figure. Maria appeared in public in outfits a boxy cut.

Fans of the pair greeted her with the upcoming appearance of the firstborn. According to them, the couple will be great parents. Many also came to the delight of video Mota and thanked him for his efforts. “You are cool! Mary, you are pregnant”, “I already cried”, “always on top”, “Happiness and success”, “Super”, “Very pale and beautiful”, “tears welling in his eyes,” – commented the fans of the artist.

“Clip-the secret is now online! Cheers. Hands shaking, emotions overwhelmed,” said the wife of by Maria.

Recall that the ILO has legalized relationship with the chosen one in August 2016. First, young people got married in the registry office, and eight months later got married. Lovers marked an important event in a circle of many friends. To congratulate Mota and Maria came several hundred guests, including colleagues of the rapper Egor kreed and Christina si, and Ernest Rudyak, Ekaterina Odintsova, T-killah, Anastasia Reshetova, Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko. The bride shone in a magnificent wedding dress, which she then changed to a lighter outfit with a deep neckline. By the way, then the midfielder of “Locomotive” for the first time came out with a new lover, they appeared only for friendly parties on the occasion of birthdays. Tarasov and Kostenko lit at the wedding