Stay Lindsay Lohan almost ended in tragedy

Отдых Линдси Лохан едва не закончился трагедией In the voyage, the actress nearly lost a finger. Lindsay Lohan went to Turkey, where during a walk on a yacht, the actress has decided to raise the anchor, but not calculated the force and fell overboard.

      Popular Hollywood actress and singer Lindsay Lohan had only recently emerged from a difficult relationship with the son of the Russian millionaire Egor Tarasovym. The girl had to endure insults and beatings on his once loved one. Now she tries as soon as possible to forget a failed romance and spending time together with their friends in the resorts around the world. She recently went to Turkey where there was a terrible incident.

      A week ago, Lindsay Lohan flew to Turkey. The actress arrived in Istanbul and met with the migrant families that are experiencing hard times. Celebrity decided to tell in his microblog about the people stalknulsya with disaster. Apparently, then, the artist decided to relax and went to relax on the boat.

      Lindsay Lohan decided to feel part of the team of the ship. The girl became entangled in the chains, when tried to raise the anchor. From its severity Lindsay fell into the water. In the end, the famous actress nearly lost a phalanx of the ring finger of the left hand. She told about it in the microblog.

      “I almost lost a finger because of the anchor of the yacht. More precisely, half of my finger,” – said a celebrity to his fans.

      Despite the fact that Lohan has undergone surgery and is in hospital, she tries to keep aware of what is happening to our fans. “One-armed selfie” – she wrote in microblogging. Fans were shocked by the news and wished his darling speedy recovery.

      Not so long ago, Lohan visited Moscow and met with Andrey Malakhov. She told me about all the details of life with the son of the oligarch. As it turned out, he did not provide her a luxurious life. Lohan had to pay most of the costs. Lindsay Lohan live at Andrey Malakhov

      “I myself gave a ring, in the end, everything is quite clear. This is a really painful time. I talked to his father about how he does nothing and she tried to support him. I’m very annoyed that everyone thinks this guy gives me to fly on private jets. No! My friends use a special application in which private flights take passengers. I use it myself and pay for these flights. We were going to move into your house, I pay another housing do not assume that all parents pay for it”, – shared memories of Lohan.