ISA Anokhina decided to give birth live

Айза Анохина решилась на роды в прямом эфире The designer has already arrived at the perinatal center. ISA Anokhina does not hesitate to show the Network preparing for the birth of the second child. At the crucial moment will support her husband Dmitry.

      Internet blogger and designer Svetlana Anokhina will give birth live. It already came to one of the perinatal centers of Moscow together with her husband Dmitry. Earlier, the woman admitted that her beloved husband will be present at the time of the birth of their son. “All the time there will be my husband and will experience all the feelings that I feel. And my entire charge of oxytocin when the baby will get it. We are waiting for the birth of our son, and I am very happy that I have no fear of all” – said Anokhin in the microblog.

      Live the future mother moves slowly in a hospital or is in the house. The doctors recommended her to lie on the bed. According to experts, women have a very long labor.

      The ISA notes that she’s very tired of being pregnant. At the weekend she wanted to induce labor, making active movement, but they only started on Monday morning. The ex-wife Gufa admitted that communicates constantly with the baby, who is in no hurry to be born. “Son, talk with dad, tell him that this world is beautiful, and we are waiting for and love very much. But our commander has other plans,” – said Anokhin.

      In the perinatal center of Aizu were placed in the VIP room. When the expectant mother arrived at the hospital in her final time took all the necessary tests. During his stay in the house she took her phone to monitor the working of their online store.

      During the nine months Anokhin led an active lifestyle. For some time the star spent on Bali, but then decided to return to Moscow. According to ISA, she cares so much about an interesting situation. “I used to think that pregnancy is so hard and so ugly, although the first trimester is of course the horror full. But even more beautiful, loved and cherished I never felt never,” admitted Anokhin.

      This time, the woman plans to give birth herself. ISA hopes that she will be able to avoid the cesarean section, resorted doctors, senior when Sam was born. Apparently, from day to day, the eldest son of the designer, born of Gufa, already acquainted with the younger brother.