Статистика: каждая третья женщина всю жизнь сидит на диете

We knew that for the sake of beauty and perfect body, many girls are ready for years of sitting on a diet. But this result is not expected!

British scientists have proved that every third woman in their country are dieting life!

The results of the poll, which was conducted by British nutritionists, surprised even the experts. It turns out that for 2015, every second person in the UK tried for years to lose weight. This number of people every fourth couldn’t even answer the question on how many calories he consumed on average per day. I wonder what diet they were?

Experts came to the conclusion that most people incorrectly think of losing weight, so their diets are doomed to fail. When a person sits on a rigid diet and a week later breaks down, it is not getting quick results, returns to its usual diet.

Dissatisfaction with the results of most women to the fact that after a few months they begin to follow a new, “fashionable” diet, which is also disappointing. But correctly say, without sports good results from the diet not to get…

Such a vicious circle, according to the consultant on nutrition, Charlotte Stirling-reed, is not only not useful, but over time has a negative impact on human health, writes The Huffington Post.

Scientists came to the conclusion that if you want to lose weight every person should consult a specialist to pick the most right diet. For maximum nutrition in the diet of man should come in around 2.5 thousand calories a day, and for women the norm is 2 thousand calories.

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