Scientists: women need more sleep than men

Ученые: женщинам нужно больше сна, чем мужчинам

British researchers have found that lack of sleep is the weaker sex suffers much more than strong.

The reason that women have for a normal life requires more sleep than men, that women’s brains are more complicated than men’s. This is the conclusion of scientists of the British University of Loughborough.

“Lack of sleep in women often leads to stress, irritability and anger, said the University Professor, Jim Horne in an interview with Metro UK. – While men have the same number of hours of sleep doesn’t cause so severe side effects”.

According to the study, this difference in response to sleep deprivation lies in the more complex device of the female brain, which, based on the characteristics of female body, should in the course of the day to solve more complex problems than men, and involve, respectively, a larger number of plots to work. Naturally, the more the brain works, the more time he needs for rest.

Moreover, continues Professor horn, even if a man is involved in difficult work that requires daily strong mental stress, for relaxation during sleep, it will last less time than a woman employed in the production sector.

Now the beautiful half of humanity has a scientific basis: all attempts to Wake up early in the morning you can safely suppress links to British scientists give a dream in the name of science! And let the whole world wait!

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