Ученые: танцы полезны для сердца

Australian researchers have found that the beneficial effects of dance on the body is stronger than we think!

You are going to start to dance, but keep postponing it because there are lots of more important things? Urgent drop everything and run to the dance floor! In fact, as found by the Australian scientists, it is not only art, but also a great alternative to the gym. And in the future and the hospital.

The staff of the two universities of Sydney for 10 years, studied health 48 390 people aged 40 years. And found a curious pattern: the people who are involved in dance, 46% less likely to have problems with the heart and blood vessels. In addition, it was observed that the dances have a beneficial effect on the entire body, relieves tension and fatigue. And besides, this group of people was much more active Netanya their peers socially.

Of course, scientists can easily explain this relationship from the point of view of medicine, but the subjects are sure that the focus is not only that. Emmanuel Stamatakis, for example, argues that the secret lies not only in exercise but also in emotional contact with your partner during the dance.

Therefore, going to the dance, take the company of a loved one. Moreover, the authors of the study left much room for experiments: it doesn’t matter what kind of dancing you do as long as they were moving and regular.

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