Stas Sadalsky sharply expressed in the address of the leading “Tonight”

Стас Садальский резко высказался в адрес ведущих «Сегодня вечером» Artist criticized Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova, stating that they are “Amateurs”. Sadalsky has appealed to the leadership channel, with a request to invite someone else. His post caused heated discussions.

Honored artist of Russia Stanislav Sadalsky calls himself the people’s blogger Russia and leads an active life in social networks, reflecting on the people and phenomena, so to speak, bluntly.

This time it angered the beloved TV program “Tonight.” Rather than the broadcast, and leading – Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova. Sadalsky believes that this program should lead to other, more professional, in his view, people.

“Watched “Tonight” on the Ground. And that. A layman talking to a layman. Empty and emptier… Konstantin Lvovich, well, couldn’t see that the two absolute painting each monkey, by definition, can’t lead this program,” Sadalsky wrote on his page in the social network.

Who, exactly, needs to be invited as the leading heads of the First channel, Stanislav Yuryevich said. Only invited its followers to make the right choice. And although his candidacy once dismissed, have received whether in jest, whether seriously, the suggestion from followers not to go on TV and immediately run for President.