Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

Катя Семенова развелась после 25 лет брака Cause of discord in the family began the infidelity of her husband. Katya Semenova is not going to forgive Michael, Tereshenko, because he humiliated her. Due to problems in his personal life, the star started to complain of health.
Катя Семенова развелась после 25 лет брака

Katya Semenova and Mikhail Tereshenko was considered one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business. They lived together for almost 25 years, and was not ashamed to confess each other in love. That is why the news about the divorce boomed like thunder from a clear sky. A few days ago, the singer herself spoke about the problems in his personal life on the page in a social network.

“The circus is closed! My ex-husband with his partner.I hope that someday I will be able to wash. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone, so it turned out” – shared his emotions Catherine on Instagram.
Катя Семенова развелась после 25 лет брака

Representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” managed to contact the artist. As it turned out, the crisis in her personal life overdue a year ago. All this time she was trying to save his family, but eventually came to the conclusion that divorce is inevitable.

“I called this woman, told that I was just in shock. I developed reactive depression on the basis of feelings, but the marriage still was trying to save. The petition for divorce was filed then, but the process was suspended. I was hoping, but now intends to forgive. A man can not accidentally change two years. And it’s been two years,” – said Semyonov.
Катя Семенова развелась после 25 лет брака

She said she feels awful, but it is not going to give up. The woman intends to live as before, to give time to creativity and socializing with friends.

Michael Tereshenko does not deny his guilt. Moreover, he commented on treason, communicating with the fans of the couple on Instagram.

Катя Семенова развелась после 25 лет брака“What you do about me write here is the absolute truth. I’m just an idiot. 25 years together, accustomed, began to take happiness for granted. Now see, maybe later,” wrote Michael.

The editors of the TV program “You won’t believe it!” were able to communicate with the alleged mistress, Tereshenko. She turned actress Natalia Old. The woman does not deny that familiar with the comedian, but, according to her, any relationship they had.

“I don’t know why Catherine wrote it. I do not understand what is happening. I didn’t even know that they are getting a divorce. Yes, I do not wonder,” said Natalia.

Fans of Semenova try to support it in all possible ways. They believe that despite the crisis in his personal life, the singer still must be happy.