Rustam Solntsev called Alla Pugacheva to sing at the Christmas lights

Рустам Солнцев призвал Аллу Пугачеву спеть на новогодних огоньках The showman spoke to the Diva. In his opinion, no one can deny Alla Borisovna to sing. He added that the artist should continue to participate in the Christmas programs in spite of the detractors.

Recently in the Internet appeared rumors that Alla Pugacheva refused to sing for the Russians for the New year. According to some sources, Pugachev was offended by the petition of Vadim Manukian, who a few months ago in writing addressed to Konstantin Ernst with a request to improve the content of Christmas “lights”. Manukyan also complained that Pugachev allegedly filled the festive air. Attempts Vadim did not go unnoticed, so this year the Russians introduced the right to choose whose songs they want to listen to the main night of the year. According to the results, the majority voted for Grigory Leps – 60% participating in the survey. In second place was the singer Ani Lorak, and the third is the star show “the Voice” Nargiz.

If you believe the rumors, that the results of the vote and the unfortunate, the petition has forced Dolly parton to refuse to go on stage even for huge fees. This was confirmed by correspondence, allegedly owned by Director-actress Elena Chuprakova, which appeared in the Network.

Showman Rustam Solntsev could not remain indifferent to what is happening and turned to the Diva in his weekly column “Mamadorogaya”, which is specifically for “StarHit”.

“Some types of imagines himself the Messiah, and decided I needed to save Russian people from Alla Pugacheva – began Rustam. – But now it’s not about these belly and losers, I’m alia I want to appeal. Dear, what are you so upset? What is this? Your assistant said that you wouldn’t be singing in the new year “lights”… Honestly, I don’t watch them, of course, but when I found out that you will not, now precisely I will not watch. Well I love you… And anyway, everyone loves you! You, in the end, mom young! Young, beautiful, promising retired. Sing, darling, sing!”

Besides, the showman believes that the prima Donna no status to pay attention to what sort of petition. “The head does not fit how she would like to draw to your attention can not rest Rustam. – Her country more than a dozen listens, how many generations listening to her songs grew up, and then the words of a Manukyan hurt her. Where legal and where Pugacheva?! In my opinion, Alla Borisovna need principle on new year’s night to sing on all channels, not to povadno slander her to write.”