Стас Садальский показал нового любовника 77-летней Людмилы Максаковой Stas Sadalsky in his characteristic humorous manner commented on the rumors about the new novel 77-year-old Lyudmila Maksakova. He called an old friend a cheater, because she recently posed for him in an elegant bathing suit, and now attends events with others.
Стас Садальский показал нового любовника 77-летней Людмилы Максаковой

77-year-old Lyudmila Maksakova used to revel in male attention. Despite the incredible popularity with the opposite sex, the last 44 years of her life was just one love — husband Peter Andres Igenbergs.

January 28, 2018, the husband of Lyudmila Maksakova died, and since then she was rarely out in the world. Fans worried that the tragic death of 80-year-old Igenbergs, who shortly before his death suffered a stroke, will affect the well-being of the actress. The star chose not to comment on family drama.

The trials of life Lyudmila Maksakova: support son and the conflict with her daughter

At my father’s funeral and was not Maria Maksakova. The relationship with his daughter is a painful topic for Ludmila Vasilevny, and therefore a scandalous situation with the heir she recently discusses.

Instead, the artist works hard in the theatre and in his spare time resting in Latvia.

The other day she came out with a mysterious man who was clearly younger react? Many media outlets claimed that Maksakova showed new lover, who works as a journalist.

Now, on this subject decided to speak to a longtime friend of the actress Stas Sadalsky. He jokingly called the friend of cheating, but more recently she spent time with him.

“With the Queen of the Vakhtangov Theatre is an interesting man with whom she had a nice touch. The sea air is clearly Maksakova benefit – she looked younger, prettier, looks fresh and fit. What is she wrong! Just a few days ago in a white bikini posed for me in his garden,” — said Sadalsky.
Стас Садальский показал нового любовника 77-летней Людмилы Максаковой

The actor invited fans to guess who is the mysterious companion Maksakova: her friend, neighbour or acquaintances. Fans eventually came to the conclusion that Lyudmila Vasilyevna was accompanied by a friend, with whom she was not romantically involved.

Undisputed was just what the actress really looks phenomenal. The lady in the photos in the blog Sadalsky is impossible to give 77 years, but Maksakova has been a great-grandmother. According to fans, it is the audience’s love and devotion to Ludmila Vasilievna profession, to keep her youth.

By the way, the concert, which was visited by Maria Maksakova, along with a mysterious companion, she ultimately was not impressed. About this Sadalsky has already reported in his Instagram.

“The couple was spotted at the VIP areas of the concert hall “Dzintari”. The concert was so-so. According to Ludmila the man on stage was dazzling,” summarized Stas.

Despite the fact that many fans of Maksakova her alleged affair seemed dubious, Sadalsky did not completely dispel the rumors.

Now the actress spends his free time in Jurmala, where resting after a hard season of theater. Although age and a family tragedy, a priest is clearly not going to give up the creative activities that every day inspires her all the more.