Мошенники пытаются нажиться на имени Владимира Машкова Daughter of Vladimir Mashkov turned to his colleagues and fans. She warned that a Rafael is asking to advertise an artist account on the social network, although he never checked in. According to star family, the attackers may soon start collecting from gullible citizens money.
Мошенники пытаются нажиться на имени Владимира Машкова

54-year-old Vladimir Mashkov, despite its overwhelming popularity, manages to jealously guard his personal life from public attention. He doesn’t social network, rarely gives interviews and refuses to answer questions concerning his alleged romances.

Recently, however, a certain Rafael claiming to be the PR agent of the artist, spreading the message with a request to advertise the account Mashkov in the social network. Daughter of Vladimir, Maria decided to clarify the situation and wrote a message to fans.

“Dear people! My name is Masha Mashkova, I have a dad Vova, the world known as the actor Vladimir Mashkov. Recorded this video at his request. Comrades, especially colleagues, who, including personal numbers, come requests to recommend my dad’s account. Until we began to receive requests to transfer money for a good, certainly, goal, I hasten to warn you: my dad Vova is not registered in any social network. And I’m not registered. Also he has no agent by the name of Raphael or anything, well, except me. Be careful, love one another, and call the parents if you have such a wonderful opportunity,” said Maria.

Her appeal appeared on one of the fan pages dedicated to the family Malkovich. Fans immediately reacted extremely emotionally to the story of the actress. According to them, the attackers try to promote an account to start earning on honest artist.

Indeed, in the web you can find several pages in different social networks, which allegedly conducted on behalf of the famous actor. That’s just Vladimir Mashkov to them has absolutely nothing to do.

In the age of digital technology, the artist still continues to ignore social networks. It does not show fans of holiday pictures, share your thoughts, therefore, every new detail about his personal life Mashkov became a real sensation.

The daughter of Vladimir Mary tries to take his example, also ignoring the social network. In a recent interview, the actress complained that her father so busy, that sometimes don’t even congratulates her on holidays. She Mashkov long been accustomed to such a scenario, and therefore, enjoys every opportunity to meet and talk with dad.

In the workload of the artist, his fans no doubt. First, on large and small screens annually issued several exciting projects with the participation of Mashkov. Second, he actively plays in the theatre. Well, and thirdly, more recently, Vladimir heads the “Snuff box” and is artistic Director of the Moscow theater school.

The employment of the stars is so great that he even was not able to attend the funeral of the half-brother Vitaly, who died recently of a heart attack. So fans understand the reluctance of Vladimir Mashkov to waste precious time on social networks. For fans of his creativity is much more important again and again to enjoy another reincarnation of the actor on the screen.