Ведущий программы «Место встречи» требует привлечь к суду популярного блогера Journalist Andrei Norkin is a leading program “the meeting Place”, is indignant with the behavior of a popular blogger Daniel Cross. He wrote on his statement to the Investigative Committee, demanding to understand how legitimate jokes and the sayings of the YouTube stars.
Ведущий программы «Место встречи» требует привлечь к суду популярного блогера

The life of the modern blogger is full of dangers: for every wrong word you can get not only a lock channel on both YouTube and nasty litigation. About it knows comedian Daniel Cross, whose audience exceeds one million people.

The journalist Andrei Norkin wrote utuber statement to the investigation Committee. According to the presenter of the program “the meeting Place”, many performances of the Cross in its stand-up tour insult the audience.

“My experience and my experience in journalism, in excess of 28 years, makes me doubt that the activities of the citizen Cross is “just a joke”. It seems to me absolutely unacceptable to the public dissemination of such beliefs, corrupting the minds of teenagers who make up his target audience,” said Norkin.
Ведущий программы «Место встречи» требует привлечь к суду популярного блогера

To his post on a social network broadcaster not only attached the text of the statement, but also several performances of the Cross, which caused him to have a very negative reaction.

According to Norkin, many statements of Daniel are a deliberate diversion, which should undermine the foundations of the education of the younger generation. By the way, that minors are the target audience of 24-year-old blogger.

Cross himself with the accusations against him do not agree. Under each video there is a warning message: “This program is not intended to insult anyone’s feelings, and also promotes absolutely nothing. It’s just a joke”. Moreover, one of the social networks, the blogger admitted that for a long time does not take seriously the statements that write against him.

“To serve me court is the mainstream,” said Daniel on Twitter.

Indeed, the Cross is not the first time is in the midst of such conflicts. Previously, he repeatedly claimed that Vitaly Milonov wants to send him to prison. The politician such statements were denied.

And here Andrey Norkin is clearly set far more strongly. The presenter specifically said about the written statement in the social network to give the case maximum publicity.

“Because I am a public person, I reserve the right to make this statement public, make it open, transparent, and to attract the attention of the media. Because I believe that this fact – is not an isolated case, and it is proof of the existence in our country serious problems associated with the deliberate undermining of the education of the younger generation. Each of us has their civil rights. Including the right to protection”, — said the presenter.

It is unknown what the outcome of the conflict blogger and TV presenter, but many fans of both stars he angered. According to fans norkina, in a difficult time for the country he should be dealt with much more urgent problems than the war with comedian Cross.