Стас Пьеха ушел от жены The musician realized that he is not ready for family life. However, the young son, who gave him a wife, Stas Peha sees quite often. The boy lives with his mother in St. Petersburg, and his famous father from time to time visits it.

      Стас Пьеха ушел от жены

      For a long time Stas Peha hid the details of his personal life from a wider audience. The artist wanted to keep secret the fact that he was married, and the news that for the first time became a father. In August 2014 “StarHit” first reported on the change in the life of a musician, but then to share your happiness Stas not in a hurry. Reports that the graduate of “factory of stars” have linked their lives with the model of Saint-Petersburg Natalia Gorchakova, was a big surprise for his fans and gave a reason to be happy for him. However, in family life Piekha it was not so smooth.

      After almost three years in, the artist broke up with the mother of his son Peter. The grandson of Edita Piekha openly stated that he is not ready for a serious relationship, and his significant other will be with him only to suffer. The artist intends to take a break and deal exclusively with work to continue when he is finally ready to create a family, to do everything in mind.

      “I have always had a relationship, but they stopped me in the growth – and in the creative and spiritual – explained Stas Peha. – I realized that I still have to Mature a bit, to truly be ready for a relationship. And while I have such readiness is not, and I realize that only hurt the wife that all the time asking: “Please, go sit in the room, I need to work” or “Let’s see for a little bit, because I need to make a new program”. It’s nobody’s fault”.
      Стас Пьеха ушел от жены

      By the way, about the fact whether the place of an official divorce, Peha said. With the mother of his two year old son, he retained friendly relations, and old lovers sometimes spend time together, when the singer visits the heir in the Northern capital. According to Stas, he only recently became really clear that is the father.

      Wife Stas Piekha showed the grown son

      “We have Natasha and a very good relationship, although the family was not formed. But we have wonderful fruit of love. And Pete, I try to see as often as I can. But Natasha done: find time to be mom ( although the main prize to go to grandma Ira), and learn, and grow, and to work…” said Peha.

      Little Petya constantly gives his reasons for joy and pride. If before the EHA was convinced that a small child has little understanding, and a lot to expect from him is not necessary, it is not so long ago, he was convinced of the opposite. When, after another long separation, the singer arrived to the heir, he reached out to him and gently said “dad”, Stas realized that the baby is his extension, his own blood. “I became so warm, I feel like I’m only at this moment felt that it was my son. I tried to accept that that someone is shifty – my son, well, and I felt,” – said Stas Pieha in an interview with OK! magazine.

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