Ольга Орлова встала на защиту мужа Жасмин The singer was supported by Ilan Shor, who is suspected of Bank fraud. Orlov believes that the man arrested merely to satisfy public opinion. She called upon citizens of Moldova to understand the situation around the detention of wife girlfriend Jasmine.

      Ольга Орлова встала на защиту мужа Жасмин

      Last week it became known that the husband of the singer the Jasmine, the Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor was arrested on suspicion of Bank fraud. She nevica was shocked by the incident and believed that there was some mistake. Jasmine about the detention of her husband: “It was a misunderstanding”

      “I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that by Friday everything will be resolved,” said Jasmine “StarHit”.

      Friends are worried about the singer. Jasmine not so long ago became a mother for the third time. It is now raising two sons and a daughter. Friends and colleagues of the star decided to support her husband.

      Netizens organized a flashmob in support of the spouse of the artist. Olga Orlova was photographed with a poster with the hashtag #freeShor and wrote an appeal to the inhabitants of Moldavia in his microblog.

      “Friends! I want to Express my concern over the situation that has developed around my friend Ilan Shor, the husband of my friend Jasmine. If I read the residents of Moldova, I beg to support! Justice must follow the law. Really in Moldova it is administered not on the basis of evidence and facts, and to meet several media? Why arrest the man who fled from the country, showed exemplary behavior and actively cooperated during the investigation, was at all the hearings, gave evidence. We all know how professionally Ilan Shor has shown itself in Orhei as mayor. There people are guided by registered articles, they respect and appreciate him for what he has done for them! Ilan, you’re strong, I know! You have to fight injustice! You supported us, your friends! Believe you people! You’ll get your family!” – this post is in support of shore left on the page Orlova.

      However, users of the social network was very skeptical. Many noted that Orlov does not know all the details of the arrest, Ilana, and intercedes for him just because of the fact that he is the husband of her friend. In the opinion of the followers of the star, the husband of Jasmine is really guilty of what he’s facing.

      Recall that the businessman shore was arrested June 22 on suspicion of large Bank fraud. The situation was serious, and Balkanski the Chisinau court extended the arrest of Ilan to thirty days. The businessman will remain in custody while the investigation of fraud amounting to billion euros. According to Jasmine, there is no reason to keep her husband in custody. Ilan Shor cooperated with the investigation. It was the first law enforcement purposes, provided all necessary documents and hiding.

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