Приезд Натальи Орейро в Россию вызвал скандал The singer and actress visited Moscow, where the festival presented the film “Nasha Natasha”, who talked about her journey through our country. Fans were happy to see Natalia Oreiro and literally would not let her go to the cinema.

      Приезд Натальи Орейро в Россию вызвал скандал

      Favorite of the Russian audience Natalia Oreiro visited the Moscow international film festival. The visit of the actress looking forward to her many fans. In the framework of the festival the star of the series “Wild angel” presented his film “Nasha Natasha”, which is dedicated to her tour of Russia. Oreiro two years ago, toured the territory of our vast country. She visited 16 cities. My impressions from this trip the actress has decided to share in the film.

      “It’s a movie of life. Maybe he turned slightly melancholic. My fans know that the tour in Russia, as in life, I had a huge amount of difficulty. Together with the Director of the film Martin Sastre we decided to show the features of my relationships with a Russian audience. We can say that this film is my gift to the fans who are with me for more than 15 years”,- said Natalia
      Приезд Натальи Орейро в Россию вызвал скандал

      At the press conference Oreiro appeared in a simple Trouser suit and with straight hair, and for the premiere chose a romantic look with curls. Despite the fact that soon the Uruguayan star will be 40 years old, she looks great. Unfortunately, other events or meetings with fans in Moscow, Natalia was not planned. So fans literally attacked the star at the airport, at the cinema “October” and inside, before entering the auditorium. Bodyguards hardly cope with its functions, because the thread is willing to be photographed with Oreiro was continuous.

      Приезд Натальи Орейро в Россию вызвал скандал

      Many fans of the singer lament that they failed to meet with Natalia and condemns other people who shove the crowd for the coveted selfie with the singer.

      “A real decent fan would never allow myself to stoop to such animal instincts. The one who truly loves, respect and appreciate Natasha as a kind, sincere person, mom, singer and a talented actress, meets her with warmth and gives from the heart gifts to her personally and her family, will not tolerate such indecent behavior”, “Nachi should hide. I understand that the affected civilians, but the health of the Nati needed… And men have no love for idol, and the usual ambition” – discussing social media users what happened to the festival.

      Particularly persistent fans of the actress found out that Oreiro live on Novy Arbat street in the MARRIOTT. However, nobody knows whether there will be Natalia at the closing ceremonies. Fans continue to hunt for an actress to get a coveted autograph from the star.

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