Stas Peha fears for his three year old son

Стас Пьеха боится за своего трехлетнего сына
The singer still can’t get used to the role of the father.

Stas Pieha

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

Since then, like Phil Collins became a father three years have passed, but the singer admits that still can’t get used to this role. Perhaps the reason for this is that the contractor rarely sees little Pete. His son lives separately with his mother — model Natalia Gorchakova and Stas plays the role of “Sunday dads.” Peha most of its life on the road.

Because of this, Stas has developed the fear that his son can repeat his difficult fate. The singer grew up in a family without a father and suffered greatly from lack of attention from the mothers and grandmothers. The famous parents were as he is now constantly busy working. As a result, the Stas began to run away from home, for months, lived in an orphanage and grew up very troubled. Later he was taken prisoner of addiction and for a long time struggled with it. Before he became popular, he has walked a thorny path, which, of course, not willing to repeat to his son.

“I am genuinely afraid to repeat the story of our family. Do we get what we give. I paternal component was not so hard for me. I’m in contact with Peter, but I find it hard sometimes to feel that I was the father. That’s my baby. Sometimes it comes to me, but it’s hard for me… I was completely honest while trying to get used to it. He is very independent, I think I’m the same was in the childhood”, — said Stas in the TV show “My hero.”

By the way, not so long ago, Stas began to establish a relationship with his own father — Petras Heroism. Dad Piekha now comes to his concerts.