Skinny brad pitt was provoked by hearings about a serious illness

Исхудавший Брэд Питт спровоцировал слухи о тяжелой болезни
The actor impressed everyone with his appearance.

Brad Pitt

Photo: @sitetmc Instagram

Yesterday in the foreign press there is a new photo that scared many fans of the talent of brad pitt. The pictures, taken randomly
O. K., photographer, pitt looks emaciated and sick. As admitted
the paparazzi, he even didn’t know brad, emaciated, according to him, as
minimum pounds 10!

Brad was caught when he came to the Studio
owned by his friend-the sculptor Thomas Houseago located in Los Angeles. Here
Pitt appears latest time, virtually every evening, because it decided to do
“art therapy” as a means of combating depression, which began his in
the result of the painful process of divorce with Angelina Jolie. However,
judging by how it looks, while it seems unlikely that this method helped the actor.

Meanwhile, in the leaked
information about the relationship of divorcing spouses starting
to improve. Moreover, Jolie, changed the temper justice with mercy, became increasingly
to allow pitt to see the children. And in a recent interview, even called him
“a great father”! And it would be logical if brad did not look worse than in January,
when he was seen at the ceremony “Golden Globe”, but better. So pitt fans are afraid that the actor is so
doesn’t look not because of experience, but from some strange disease. So
it or not, will show further developments.