Elena Kuletskaya boasted a gorgeous figure

Елена Кулецкая похвасталась шикарной фигурой
A year ago the family of Helen kuletskoy and her husband had a girl nickname.

Елена Кулецкая похвасталась шикарной фигурой

Fans have closely followed the microblog of the singer and was surprised to see how quickly Elena returned to their former shape.

Елена Кулецкая похвасталась шикарной фигурой

Due to the fact that the model itself feed the daughter of milk, the Breasts of young mothers has increased.

Elena decided to boast of it in his “Instagram”.

“While I’m trying to read a bedtime story, nick is studying anatomy. For me, of course. We try: otkovyryat teeth, see where the tongue, to pull out of the nose, to show where mom’s eyes. With eyes a different story… we find Them and show (picking) everything: toys, books, cards. Now that mom’s eyes it is necessary to show and poke. And my only going to twitch a nervous tick, as nick looked at me seriously, turned away and fell asleep. I hope the anatomical digression will not be part of our sleepy ritual,” wrote Kuletskaya.

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